Our Solutions
We provide solutions to air transport requirements for cargo and passengers.

Our long-standing experience in operations is ably supported by 9 operations officers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
With over 1 6 '000 flight hours, 27 million kilos of freight, 10.000 passengers and approximately 10.000 legs flown in Europe and further afield FARNAIR is proud of having achieved 99. 2 % reliability for our flights in 2013 .

To achieve this outstanding performance, our team spirit, know how and professionalism come together to make every minute count.
When we cannot supply an aircraft, we can still provide a solution!
Thanks to our broad network of connections we can find the ideal aircraft for your requirements at very competitive market prices even in the case of outsize or specialised consignments.

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CARGO Flights
With a combined freighter fleet comprising 17 aircraft with payloads ranging from 1.95 tons / 18 cubic meters to 8.2 tons / 75.5 cubic meters, we can offer a freighter solution to meet a wide range of express and conventional air cargo needs.
All of our ATR aircraft and crews are CAT II certified allowing us to operate the aircraft in severe weather conditions.
Our fleet is dispersed throughout Europe and available for quick response ad hoc express cargo flights around the clock using our standby crews.
With a capacity up to 46 seats, our ATR42-320 is ideal for short- to medium-range flights (regional flights).