FARNAIR Rail Logistics
You want your goods transported environmentally friendly, safe, in perfect quality, with reliable transit times and affordable?

Farnair Rail Logistics Europe, as a rail specialist, will provide you with your logistic solution. The Rail-Transport and Logistics division of Farnair Switzerland AG can deliver your goods with full trains or single wagons -ONTIME- according to your requirements.

  • Forwarding
  • Single Wagons
  • Block train
  • National / International Trains

High Speed Rail Map Europe
FARNAIR Rail Logistics GmbH&Co KG
c/o CS Logistik GmbH
Kanderstr. 3
D-79576 Weil am Rhein

Phone: +41 61 5603481
Fax +41 61 5603330
Email dispo@farnair.com
Combined Logistics Services
Our European Far East Northern Africa Network with renowned state and private railroad transportation companies, combined with our own trucking and airfreight systems offers you a comprehensive and cost-effective business solution to all your needs.

  • Intermodal Train
  • Rail / Road
  • Rail / Air
  • Rail / Sea

Farnair Rail Logistics Europe combines its air hub system in Budapest , Cologne, Katowize, and Vienna with its Trucking- and Railway-System, to offer you a reliable global delivery network.