B1900 Cargo
Over the years, Beechcraft has manufactured aircraft of the highest quality and reliability. With our Beech 1900C we can provide affordable overnight service to regional markets.
Whether there are overnight packages, newspapers, just-in-time manufacturing parts, or medicine and food to fly, our Beech 1900C turboprop is the ideal tailormade solution.
Beech 1900C Cargo Features
Lenght 17.4m
Wingspan 16.6m
Height 4.5m
Cabin Dimensions Width 1.37m
Length 10m
Height 1.4m
Cargo Door 1.32 m x 1.32 m
Cargo Volume 18m3
MTOW 7'530Kg
Max Payload 1950Kg
Engines Pratt & Whitney PT6A-65B
Cruising Speed 464km/h
Fuel Consumption 295l/h
Max Range 1'700km