ATR 72-200 Cargo BFC
With the widest fuselage section in its class, a Large Cargo Door (294cm x 180cm) or Bulk Freighter Converted Cargo Doors (127cm x 153cm), a low sill height, floor reinforcement, coupled with unmatched economics and reliability, our ATR72 aircraft constitute the best available platform in its category.
Weights and Volumes - ATR 72-200
MTOW 22,000 kg 48,501 Ib
MLW 21,350 kg 47,068 Ib
MZFW 20,000 kg 44,092 Ib
Max linear load (standard) 510 kg/m 28 Ib/inch
Max linear load (optional) 600 kg/m 34 Ib/inch
ATR Tube Variants - ATR 72-200
OEW (typical) 11,800 kg 35,123 Ib
Max net P/L 8,200 kg 18,968 Ib
Gross usable volume 75.5 m3 2,280 cu.ft
The resulting platform maximises payload capability for bulk freight operations, the gross usable volume being up to 75.5 cubic meters for our ATR 72 model.
ATR Loading Bulk Freighter
ATR 42-320 CARGO
To meet the increasing demand of our clients to benefit from the advantages of the ATR series, FARNAIR decided to purchase a medium-size cargo aircraft.
With a max cargo load of 5 tons, our second ATR42-320 was converted in July 2010. Vertical nets have also been installed, ensuring maximal security in-flight.
ATR Tube Variants - ATR 42-320
OEW (typical) 9,927 kg 21,885 lb
Max net P/L 5,613 kg 12,374 lb
Gross usable volume 56 m3 1,978 cu.ft