ATR 42-320 Passenger
The ATR 42-320 aircraft has become the aircraft of choice for regional operators, consolidating ATR's competitiveness in today's challenging airline marketplace.
Fitted with two Pratt & Whitney 121 engines at 2,100 shp each, it offers unequalled performance for “hot and high” conditions and/or short runway operations.
ATR42 high wing configuration is characterised by the following features:
  • Excellent passenger visibility
  • Easy baggage and cargo holding
  • Optimised propeller fuselage clearance (directly related to internal noise)
  • Good engine/propeller protection versus foreign objects (thanks to optimised engine propeller ground clearance).
As a result of its performance, comfort and overall cabin architecture, our Passenger ATR is also available in an attractive combi version. Certified by the Swiss Aviation Authority as a combi airplane (1/3 cargo 300cm x 250cm, 2/3 passenger 30 pax), this configuration is the optimum solution for transporting military troops, sports teams, or any type of transport which requires a lot of space for luggage.
46 Seats
Baggage Compartment 10.8 m3
Baggage / Pax 0.235 m3
Total Baggage / Pax 0.290 m3
Our ATR42-320 is the ideal aircraft for short to medium legs. This aircraft is specially conceived to economically transport 46 pax within a 350 NM or 650 km radius. Comfortable and silent, this is the ideal aircraft for regional companies.