Our Mission

Guy Girard, CEO
We aim at offering individualised services, to provide optimal solutions to our clients' needs and to look for niches.
In this way we will contribute to the success of our clients. We undertake to enhance our long-standing reputation by acting responsibly and ethically, with professionalism and imagination, always fulfilling all our commitments.
By maintaining the highest possible safety standards in flight operations, we are convinced that we will build long-term partnerships with our clients.
Our Objectives
Since conception, FARNAIR’s primary service is, and has always been, the delivery of passengers and goods from anywhere to anywhere, for any customer, in the most apposite manner.
We strive to discover and develop niches of activities; we elect to do business as a specialist in a selection of countries, rather than to handle large world-wide operations.
Swiss Quality
FARNAIR was IOSA-certified in 2013 and applies an Integrated Quality Management System, certified according to ISO 9001-2008 Quality Standards.
Swiss Quality - worldwide
Special demands require high quality standards. To deliver “Swiss Quality” is for FARNAIR an obligation and challenge at the same time. We strive for excellent customer satisfaction and a first-class delivery service with unmatched reliability and on-time performance. FARNAIR was IOSA-certified in 2013. The IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) program is an internationally recognized and accepted evaluation system designed to assess the operational management and control systems of an airline. In addition to standard aviation certification, EU-OPS1 and EASA Part 145, governing all aspects of commercial operations, including Training, Operational Standards, Maintenance and Safety, FARNAIR was one of the very first airlines in Europe to introduce and apply an Integrated Quality Management System certified according to ISO 9001-2008 Quality Standards (Certification Number 32926).