FARNAIR Training GmbH
Farnair Training GmbH was founded in 2010 in Neusiedl am See, Austria, as a subsidiary of Farnair Switzerland AG.

Since September 2012, Farnair Training operates a state of the art Full Flight Simulator for the ATR range of aircraft and offers comprehensive crew training to other airlines, in addition to its own pilots. The training programs include full Type Ratings for ATR aircraft and instructor courses.
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The ATO effectively leverages modern infrastructure and highly sophisticated training aids, such as Multimedia Based Trainings, that have been developed with specialised partners, to significantly enhance the overall training experience.

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FARNAIR Training GmbH
Ludwig Boltzmannstrasse 2
7100 Neusiedl am See

Phone: +43 5901 02 9280
Fax +41 61 5603440
Email ftc@farnair.com
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Another noteworthy aspect that differentiates Farnair Training is that the training program is based on the vast expertise of its instructors and managing personnel and in-house experience gained during the daily operation of the aircraft of Farnair Switzerland. The results are better trained and more praxis orientated pilots. Farnair Training is continuously developing more innovative training aids and is investing into research and development in this field to take pilot training a step towards the future.